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Wednesday, 26-Apr-2006 09:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my latest gadget collections

zoom 505 view 01
zoom 505 view 02
alesis view 01
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never been better

Tuesday, 27-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the bright shining lie

main front
middle page
the flyer
we were shocked for that. we were the best black metal band on that day. hahahaa..... we were suppose to perform on a gig in masjid tanah, melaka. you can refer to those images. what a joke! thanks the harian metro..... the stupidity source of giving their infomations about us and other indie bands.

the sad thing is..... this is our first gig but suddenly there'll be no gig due to harian metro's stupidity. wow..... indie rock is also a black metal concept. stupid..... stupid..... stupid..... ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzz. gladly, we at last attended to gojo's wedding. if the gig still go on, we won't attend to gojo's wedding but we've already explained to gojo a week before that. hmm..... there's a balance in this world.

there's another balancing moment. i've got a job offer in kuala lumpur. report duty on 1st. january 2006.

Friday, 23-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+KultusKabus 01

from left: maman, ijan & banjoe
ijan's earliest 'tanks' regiment
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just a picture..... this is our first photograph somewhere at our studio on mid 2005. on that year, we are too late to be famous. 27, 28 and 30 years old. the ages of music diseases. can not be stop. we are stubborn..... so we play music when we were free.

+KultusKabus was formed in the of 2004. ijan: throat/guitar/sub-bass, banjoe: bass, sub-guitar, sub-synthesizer & maman: drums/sub-guitar/sub-bass. we labelled our band as a vacation band. why? because we're actually have our main band but no so active as before. ijan with duffers13, maman with tune the radio & i'm with karbaid & kubika for that, we've decided to go for a vacation as a band. we're only meet and jam together on weekends. saturday and sunday is our work break. ijan has a steady job in johor bahru while me & maman still lived and work in batu pahat. we usually meet together at least once or twice a month. now, that's what we called a vacation band on weekends.

ramones is our first cover songs when we jam. until we've decided to create our own songs but totally not a ramones type songs. we go straight to the indie-rock version. you can check our website and stream our songs at this is our light tunes.

hmm..... i almost forgot about kubika. i will write about them but i don't have any photos of kubika. yes.... i'll ask puad and kisho about our band photos.

Tuesday, 26-Apr-2005 09:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
chronology of karbaid 07 (2005)

eril with his drumsets
gojo with his guitar
that's me alright
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sad..... sad..... sad.....

not even one photo have been taken for karbaid even they've done their jamming session till march 2005. worst scenario ever happened..... i quit from the job in kl and move to my hometown, batu pahat, johore. i'll rest and rest and rest and emptying my worst problems back in kl. gladly my parents still support and always gives hopes and guidances for me. for a temporary situation, i'm helping my abah in his sport shop. at home, i accompany my mak and always talk a lot. sometimes we watching malay t.v dramas. sometimes me and abah watching sports news together and criticize this and that.

until every 12 a.m..... i'm the true batman hero. my mak always said that to me. i went out and meet my friends in town. eril, gojo, is, cekgu, maman, bob, usop, li, enol, obey, etc. my regular night meeting. at morning before i open my abah's shop, i always went to my favourite old-timer stall for a breakfast..... the zam tong stall..... and i'm one of his regular customer. at there, my friends will fill in tables and having their breakfast. we were such a band of comedians. we always make jokes and even bad jokes so other friends will get angry with them. when i don't come out at night..... xbox is my true violence friend. i play videogames till 3 a.m.

persatuan kugiran-kugiran degil..... we have organize a jamming studio..... our own jamming studio. we collect fees for every months to keep our beloved studio always active and noisy. that's where eril ask me if i can play bass for the band called kathran. oh yes..... ajji left the band. he got married, have a cute baby girl and working as a lecturer in politeknik kuching, sarawak. he was replaced by iskandar. their bassist..... faza was the first bassist until he quit and join a punk band called the short beach wankers. then came rusdi. he also has another band called season finale. he was the second bassist. then he left the band and furthering his studying somewhere in kedah..... i guess. until one night..... i play my first appearance for kathran as a bassist. metal up! cekgu, gojo, iskandar, eril and me. the kathran.....

here i've enclosed some photos of me with kathran's jamming session. also.... kathran early line-up photo. sorry folks! no karbaid's photos for this year..

Monday, 20-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the only guitar that i have.....

upper view 01
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my only electric guitar. 1981 aria pro II cardinal series cs-200. you can check the specs here:

i've already make a massive guitar altercation which many people thinks that i've destroyed the value of the guitar.but it seems like i don't care. i like differences. i will find different solutions to the very same problem.

you can see that i've fabricate a bigsby wannabe tremolo bridge to my guitar. it was started in the late of 2004. i bought at at woh fatt shop for a hundred ringgit malaysia. at first, it was too big for my guitar because it was specified for the semi-hollow guitar. so..... ive' decided to go to sentul and seek for an ironmongery workshop. i've found one..... they make, design and fabricate mild steel fences and gates..... and i've make a history. the chief of the workshop have no problem with my request. he cut and grind it for me with the charge of rm8.

the next day i went to the sidewalk of the kotaraya shopping mall and met one of the cobbler on that area. i asked her to design and fabricate shoe sole as a rubber base for the tremolo bridge. it cost me only rm5.

later on..... with the help of my housemate (thanks, din!), we've destroyed the value of an electric guitar. we drilling, grinding, hammering and finally screwing the bigsby wannabe tremolo to the guitar. i'm happy with that. until one night, i brought my guitar to klasik 'A' studio for two hours jamming with the karbaid. the owner of the studio, mr. GG (i don't know his real name and i don't care) have a bit shocked when he look at my guitar and said, " jahanam gitar tu!". i'm happy with his comment.

so, please..... observe photos of my guitar. and her name is arang (charcoal).

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